About Stephan Mack

Stephan MackStephan Mack is an enthusiastic Internet marketer with a diverse technical and business background. Stephan spends his days with some of the best co-workers in the world, while running SEO at Getty Images, and enjoys spinning records at night as a mobile disc jockey, DJ Illusion.Growing up, Stephan was always interested in computers and business. At the age of thirteen he began combining these interests, becoming a freelance web developer. Putting his programming skills to good use, Stephan founded his first corporation, Plain Games, at the age of fourteen. Since the creation of Plain Games, Stephan has been involved in several other web projects and new business ventures. In January of 2008, Stephan, along with four other Grove City Alumni, co-founded a new Internet company known as One Sketch, which never quite made it out of the prototyping stage.Stephan recently moved to Seattle, Washington where he is excited to explore this great city.

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