About.Me Profile

About.Me ProfileI decided to launch a new personal profile page on About.Me after hearing about the site in an Engadget Expand conference video. I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with the page yet, but About.Me is an interesting idea, not unlike a public facebook page.I am curious to see if it will have any ranking potential within search engines. This could possibly allow it to be used for reputation management and owning the first page of results - even for businesses. Only time will tell if the page gets indexed and ranks. Hit me up if you have tried About.Me and have found the service beneficial.

SEO 2013 On-Page Ranking Signals

A colleague of mine, at Rosetta, recently released the results of a study he conducted of the on-page SEO ranking factors within Google and Bing.Aggregated Results (descending order by value)
  1. Page Title
  2. Heading 1
  3. URL
  4. Heading 2
  5. Body Copy – Bold
  6. Heading 3
  7. Body Copy – Italic
  8. Body Copy – Bold & Italic
  9. Body Copy
  10. Image Alternate Text
You can read about the full study at the SEO Pitfall Blog.

WP Super Cache Vs. W3 Total Cache

There are a lot of articles and comments floating around the Internet on what the best WordPress plugin is to speed up page load times. I've done some testing with WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache to come up with my own conclusion and I think the findings are pretty interesting.Test Setup:
  • New Media Temple GS server setup for the test
  • Fresh WordPress Install
  • Sample post created with minimal text and 2 images
  • Page load speed tested 3 times, alternating between two domains, using webpagetest.org
Initial Results:Admittedly, WP Super Cache managed to eke out a victory on a base WordPress Install. It sped up WordPress by about .3 seconds and all seemed well with the world.WP Super Cache Vs. W3 Total CacheIf this had been the end of the story, you could stop reading here, but the simple truth is that we all like to use lots of plugins with WordPress and that is where I really began seeing the value of W3 Total Cache. There are lots of settings that can be tweaked and you can even add a CDN, so I was able to get things moving much more quickly in the long run with W3 Total Cache.After installing around 14 highly used plugins, what I noticed is that, while the first page loading time was a little longer, subsequent page loads were quite a bit faster, in general, with W3. I was also able to squeeze out a little better of a compressed image score, after installing WP Smush.it with W3. No real noticeable change was noticed with WPSC.WP Super Cache Vs. W3 Total CacheWhile the tests are not highly scientific, based on the ability to customize many more settings and overall faster page loading speeds, W3 will be my go-to for speeding up WordPress sites.List of Installed Plugins Tested:
  1. Advanced Excerpt
  2. Akismet
  3. Broken Link Checker
  4. Disqus Comment System
  5. EG-Archives
  6. Google XML Sitemaps
  7. Lazy Load
  8. Lazy Widget Loader
  9. Next Gen Gallery
  10. SEO Smart Links
  11. Wordfence Security
  12. WordPress Related Posts
  13. WordPress SEO
  14. WP Smush.it
  15. WP-Paginate

OneSketch Elevator Pitch and Video Demo

I suppose it would be appropriate for me to let you all know we posted two videos on the OneSketch web site including a 2-minute elevator pitch describing the OneSketch web site editor and company and video demo. The demo shows an early (pre-alpha) look at what our web site editor might look like in action, though we have a lot of changes planned before we move the software into beta. I’ll keep you updated as new developments happen, but feel free to comment and let me know what you might like to see from the software.

Cloud Computing Explained

Not only is it informative at the beginner level, it’s cute and amusing, too. What more could you ask for when trying to understand cloud computing.

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